ABOUT is about expanding the range of financial opportunities to people in the Cardano ecosystem. We believe that in the long-term, the market and price are a reflection of truth: you can outrun it in the short-term, but eventually it will catch up with you. To help truth catch up, we are providing a service so that people can profit from a native asset’s price decline. We hope that this provides a check to wanton speculation in the space, and will allow for healthier growth in the ecosystem.

If you don’t like the idea of shorting NFTs, realize that will increase the size of the market (and thus your liquidity) to include people who don’t like NFTs. You can imagine that there are a lot more people who are skeptical about the value of NFTs, with, they are now potential exit liquidity for you.

As it creates a strong disincentive to pump and dump or wildly speculate as there is now a profit motive in driving the price of a token down, we hope that the existence of this mechanism will drive higher quality projects in the space.