Put your where your
( and get paid for being right )

We heard you like floors.
So we built you one.
An honest to goodness FLOOR.
One that acts as support, not resistance.
So slurp, sweep and dump the night away.

Care to dance?
Grab a bear, or bull, and dance the epoch away.
Bulls get paid yield by lending a "floor" NFT,
Bears sell first and hope to buy low later.

Use your floor NFTs to earn yield.

You'll get back either:
  • an NFT from the same PolicyID
  • ADA collateral
Profit from the fall in price of the floor of an NFT.

Sell first, buy later:
  • Get an NFT by depositing ADA collateral
  • Sell the NFT, the ADA is yours
  • If the "floor" drops, buy and send the NFT back to reclaim your ADA!
HODL (the Line)
Need liquidity?

A HODL is an offer to buy ANY NFT from a PolicyID.

For bulls:
  • Acquire NFTs from a PolicyID
  • Build a buy wall
For bears:
  • Instant sale, no listing and waiting to sell an NFT
  • Set the price you want to close your short at